who we are


IMG_0930 Who we areThe team in Halabja:

  • Nariman Ali: Co founder of the project, a translator and community representative.
  • Kdher Kareem: Mayor of Halabja and Iraq representative to Mayors for Peace
  • Kwestan Akram: Deputy Mayor.
  • Warzer Mohamad: Sports teacher and our first playworker on site from Halabja.
  • Bwrhan Ali: Driver, networker, builder.
  • The kids!

the team in the UK

  • Tom Carrigan:  A professional photographer, project co-ordinator and playworker on UK adventure playgrounds. Tom is the founder of the HCCP with Nariman Ali, he leads the fundraising drive back in the UK
  • Clea Sambrook:  Chair of trustees, experienced fundraiser with extensive playwork experience
  • Jess Milne:  Deputy Chair of Trustees with over 40 years experience in Play & Playwork experienced engineer, builder, trainer, consultant and adventure playground expert.
  • Lizzy Fleming: Project Manager; experienced playground designer, builder and carpenter. On the ground in Halabja 2009 & 2014.
  • Anna Irvin: Advisor & Trustee, Former Outreach officer to the Kurdish Human Rights Project experienced administrator.
  • Mustafa Gundogdu: Trustee, with experience as a Human Rights activist and Head of the Kurdish Film Festival.
  • Jake Hally-Milne: Consultant & Volunteer: experienced playworker, teacher and builder, on the ground in Halabja in 2011.
  • Brett Davies:  Digital consultant, volunteer on site in Halabja in 2011, experienced photographer and camera operator.
  • Lelia Diling: Fundraiser & Volunteer, experienced photographer
  • Josh Hally-Milne: Volunteer and social media admin, full time student.
  • Gemma Mudu: Volunteer & supporter of the project in the UK from the start, with 12 years of playground building expertise.