how we work


IMG_1060 How we work

The project is led by an experienced multi-skilled team of carpenters, builders, and play consultants from the UK. However, for this project to be a success it must be run as a partnership with workers from the community in Halabja. Skilled translators, teachers, tradesmen and playground site staff from the town have contributed so far. An important part of the philosophy of the project’s method of working is to involve the participation of the children at every stage.

The children of Halabja will be the primary users of the site and it is vital that they feel ownership of the project and playground. They have participated in the design of the structures and assisted with the building of them as the photographs show.  This approach is tried and tested in many adventure play projects around the world and ensures the site is cherished by the children and the community and designed around their own needs. Following the enthusiastic initial play sessions the children became involved in the first stages of building and landscaping of the site.