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IMG_0404 About the ProjectThe Halabja Community Playground:

We’re a small UK charity working with the children and adults in Halabja, Northern Iraq to build a playground.

Since 2009 we have been empowering the local community to build their own playground for their community by raising money and resources in the UK and then bringing equipment and specialist expertise out to Halabja.This is a genuine grassroots community project where the need for a safe place for children to play has been identified by the families and community of Halabja.

The project is supported by individual schools, teachers  and the Education Board of Halabja. The charity is run in the UK entirely by volunteers. Our overheads are very low as all UK-based playground builders and fundraisers take no financial reward or salary for their work.

This project responds to Article 31 of the UN Convention stating that play is a universal human right. Providing space and opportunities for playing fundamentally supports children’s healthy biological, psychological and social development.

The importance and benefits of playing, although often underestimated, are proven to be essential to all children’s quality of life, growth and development, and have therapeutic benefits. This has particular significance to the children of Halabja who live amidst the traumatic effects of decades of war and suffering. Our project aims to create a lasting legacy of happiness, health and well-being for the hundreds of children it involves and supports, as well as providing a positive hub for their families and community.

With your help we can help the community finish their playground and have a resource for a local community that has suffered so much in recent years. Please explore some of the stories on the site, join us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and offer us any help you can.


the Team behind the Project and the people of Halabja.